My Mums style

I am going to be honest and say my fashion style is I wear what is comfortable.  I don't follow trends and never have and am most comfortable in a pair of very baggy jeans and a t shirt.  I love my clothes either to be plain or at the very most stripes.  I am not really a fan of patterns or bright colours and tend to stick to grey, blue and black.

My Mum on the other hand has amazing style.  She loves patterns and colours and seems to just know what works.  I admire my Mum for her confidence in wearing patterns, colours and not been afraid to try new clothing ideas.

Lands end clothing asked me to pick out some clothes for my Mum.  I was excited by the opportunity to choose something for her and also a little nervous as our clothing styles are so different.  Lands end have a wide range including work wear and swim wear, and this led me to some difficult choices.  What do I pick? Work wear?Evening wear? Day time? Casual?

After going through most of the site I picked a couple of my favourite pieces

lands end clothing

I have tried to pick some bright colours and patterns that I think my Mum would like.  I have also gone for a mixture of work casual and smart.  My Mum loves handbags and so I could not pass the opportunity to include one.

What do you think, do you think my Mum will like them? What are your favourite pieces from Lands end and what is your style?

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