Blaze and the machines twitter party

Last Friday we took part in a Blaze and the machines twitter party.  This twitter party was unlike one we had done before.  Our party box arrived and it contained lots of scientific and engineering experiments.  I was really excited, the engineer in me wanted to play.

The girls were very excited too.

The girls and their friends sat down to do a blaze and the machine maze whilst I got the TV ready to watch the first episode.  

blaze maze

We of course needed some snacks to watch our first episode with so we made our very own chocolate cars.  The tongue of concentration came out for these.  They did not last very long

building chocolate carstongue of concentration

Just long enough for us to race them

chocolate car races

After watching Blaze and the machines on Nick Jr we were very excited to build our own cars.  It was such a fun activity.  We got to think about the build and design our cars.  It was a lot of fun and after we had built them we all began to race them

getting ready to build a carour finished car

As well as engineering activities we also had maths.  Counting and sorting.  We made activities for all the different ages at our party

lots of buttons

Science was the next order of the day, and we began to look at what objects float and which sink.  This was a favourite with my youngest, she loves water.  She took great pride it testing each object and even tried herself.

learning what floatsshe sinks

Our final activity came from Great Gizmos who provided us with some great 4M scientific experiments..  

4M science experiments

Everyone loved making the lemon clock.

Our Blaze and the machines twitter party was a lot of fun, all our guests had a great time.  We would like to say thank you to, Nick Jr and Great gizmos for hosting a great twitter party.

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