Some times good messy play is what is needed to help you unwind from school.  My eldest had had a hard day at school so we decided to make some slime.  Slime is so much fun to play with and really easy to make, you need 2 ingredients glue and biological washing powder.  The best washing powder we have found to use is Aldi own brand [green bottle].

Place PVA glue in a bowl [about 1/2 cup] then slowly add in detergent and mix until you get the right consistency.  It is that easy to do.  Too sticky add more detergent, 

My eldest daughter got stuck straight in

playing in slimehands in slime

covered in slimewashing hands in slime

 Slime is a lot of fun to play with and we soon got out lots of moulds to put the slime into too.

putting slime in moulds

It was lovely to watch her unwind and just play, I think she really enjoyed it too

This day I love slime

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