Spring is in the air

We had nothing planned for today and so we decided to spend the day in the garden.  Our garden was in need of a tidy up.  Having suffered from the blustery weather over the winter and the fallen leaves of Autumn it was looking a little sorry for itself.

The girls loved spending the whole day outside, except for lunch and the slight rain shower in the afternoon.  They ran around the garden playing with each other laughing and giggling.  Having lots of fun making up games and enjoying the fresh air.

My husband and I had the fun task of tidying.  We have a lot of trees in our garden and this means a lot of leaves.  On top of this the high winds have also blown down a lot of twigs and branches.  We set about tidying up, collecting the leaves and the twigs.  After filling up the entire recycling bin we had to call it a day but there is still plenty more to be done.

Whilst scooping up some of the leaves we noticed a little visitor.

our little visitor

A very quick decision was made to move him out of the path of two dogs, both who like to chase small things that move and two girls with very inquisitive minds.  I took lots of the wet leaves and moved them into a safe place, before moving frog to the new location and covering him in more wet leaves.

our frog friend

Hopefully frog will be as happy in his new location and be out of harms way.

It was a lovely spring day and am hoping the start of getting outside more

This day I love Spring is in the air

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  1. Love the picture of the peek-a-boo frog :)

  2. How thoughtful of you to give the frog on new home. I hope he enjoys your efforts.


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