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I have a very fussy eater at home. My eldest has always been the same, she goes through phases of eating very little and then will eat everything. Her latest phase is to say everything is yuk and then the next day it be her favourite thing. We were asked to try fruit heroes,which are a natural healthy on the go snack.

Fruit heroes are a range of healthy lunchbox snacks which contain only naturally grown ingredients. They have no added sugar, preservatives, colourings, salt, sulphur dioxide and see gluten and dairy free. They are not cooked or baked and are high in fibre, they are also suitable for coeliacs and vegans. They even count towards 1 of your 5 a day.

fruit heroes

Fruit heroes sound like the perfect snack solution. They don't get bruised or squashed like fruit does and they are still healthier and lower in sugar than other quick snack alternatives like crisps and biscuits. Of course i would love to give my children fresh fruit for a snack but it isn't always possible and fruit heroes seem a very good healthy alternative.

I tried the fruit heroes and was impressed that I could taste the fruit from each bar. I found them quite sweet so was surprised that there was no added sugar and I have actually started having these as a snack instead of the usually biscuits. I thought it would be interesting to video my daughters reaction to trying them for the first time.

Her favourite is Apple and raspberry and she ate the rest of the bowl after filming, typical kids!

We were sent some samples of Fruit heroes to try.  All words are my own opinion 

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