National stop snoring week

Last week 20th-25th April was National stop snoring week.  A recent survey by Mattress online found that 2/3 of people suffered a bad night sleep from a partner who snored.  

sleeping infographic
'A Good Night’s Sleep - An infographic by Mattress Online to promote Sleeping Well for ‘National Stop Snoring Week’. To view the full image Click Here.' This infographic has been used free of charge and I have not received any payment to use.

I myself suffer most nights from the lack of good sleep.  Part of it is snoring [not from me I might add] and the other I believe is down to our bed.  The bed I am sorry to say has seen better days and a new one was in order.

A few months ago I had attended the opening of a new JYSK store and I had seen the perfect bed  

JYSK new bed

The SILKEBORG S.king oiled oak bed was perfect for us.  We are currently in the process of re designing our bed room and oak is one of our favourite woods.  The whole bed looked perfect, solid wood and a traditional yet modern look.  I was very excited for the new bed to arrive.

The bed was delivered via special delivery and came in two boxes.  Building the bed was straight forward and the new bed looks fantastic.  We just need to hurry up and save to get the rest of the room finished.

We have now had the SILKEBORG S.king oiled oak from JYSK for just over a week and I am pleased to say we have seen some improvement.  The new bed from JYSK has provided me with a good night sleep, and I am pleased to say also reduced the snoring from some one else [again not me].

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