Project 365 : Week 15


The Easter bunny paid a visit and left the girls Easter eggs all over the house.  My Mum came over and we took the girls to the local park for an Easter egg hunt.  They managed to find the eggs and won prizes on the tombola.  There was even a surprise visit from the Easter bunny himself.

Easter Egg Hunt


We had a day in the garden and the girls and the dogs had rather a lot of fun digging holes looking for worms.

digging for worms


My eldest and I spent the day playing in the garden and generally enjoying the nice weather.

My eldest


I took my eldest to an event at Eureka put on by  The event looked at allergies and it was really informative.

allergy event


When the weather is nice there can only be one option for dinner, a picnic!

picnic lunch


The girls are really enjoying using their CleverStix.  We had some fruit as snack in the garden and it was the perfect opportunity to use them.

Eating berries


You cannot beat a game of dominoes in the garden

Playing dominoes in the garden

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