Tumble time

My eldest daughter had a little surprise last week.  I picked her up from school as per usual but asked her to go and get changed at school.  She was really confused because normally she gets changed at home.  I then put her in the car with her sister, which confused her even more as we always walk to and from school.  We had 90 minutes before the surprise started.

We had tickets to see Justin and friends : Mr Tumble Circus.  I had not told either girls we were going and so had a lot of questions in the car.  We arrived just in time and we took our seats.  The girls then knew were we where and became very excited.

Justin and friends

The show was everything you would expect, lots of singing, dancing and general silliness.  All good family fun and entertainment.  Mr Tumble arrived walking through the audience and the girls loved that he walked straight past us, they even gave him a wave.

Mr tumble walking past

Both girls loved the show and it was a great surprise for them, as well as a really nice treat.

Enjoying the show

This day I love Tumble time

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  1. We saw the show too when it was up near us.....It was fantastic! We had a fab time...
    What a lovely surprise for your girls x


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