Review : Miles Kelly Sticker play books

Miles Kelly have recently released a range of sticker play books.  There are currently 4 titles in the series:

Little Red Riding Hood
The Wheels on the Bus  
Old MacDonald had a Farm

The sticker books are beautifully illustrated and the stories are easy to read.  The stories really engaged both my girls aged 4 and 2, and the activities were a perfect way to gain their interest.  The story books are double sided and fold out to become a play mat.  The girls and I sat down in front of our book so we could read and take part in the activities.

Miles Kelly sticker books

Each sticker book contains 50 vinyl stickers which can be reused.  The sticker activities cover words, colours, shapes, numbers, which offers a great range for the girls.  The use of the stickers for these activities helps to develop cognitive and fine motor skills and helps to play a vital role in school readiness.  As the stories are fun the girls want to engage with them.  My eldest loves to read the words and my youngest takes part in activities such as recognising shapes and colour.  

Once we had read our books and completed the activities we could fold the books back up and store them away neatly.  The Miles Kelly Sticker play books are a great way to learn using fun and imagination.

We were sent 2 Miles Kelly sticker books for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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