Better blog on as nothing is ordinary

I had missed blog on last year as it was held on the same day as my youngest daughter birthday, so I was feeling like a newbie again this time around.  The format had changed but the people and atmosphere remained the same.

It was lovely catching up with many of the bloggers I had not spoken to for some time and many bloggers who I had seen recently commented I looked much better than last time.  The sessions began and I started to feel inspired

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is an inspiring place.  During the photography sessions I had chance to take more of a look around and took the opportunity to explore the discovery den.  Whilst looking round the museum it is clear to see that nothing is ordinary

Blog On always impresses me with the cakes and this years was certainly not ordinary.  

After cake and some great sessions I had a chance to catch up with some of the brands.  It was great to chat with the team at James Villas and I am looking forward to my holiday with them soon.  I shall admit to eating a lot [but not enough] sweets from Swizzels Matlow and feeling revitalised from the team at More drinks.

Thanks to the team at DW fitness who put my hula hoop skills to the test.  Whilst I did not have the winning code to the safe I did manage a winning number on the tombola, and both girls were incredibly happy with the contents of the goody bags.

I was asked by a few of the brands what type of blog I have and I have often struggled with this answer.  I finally decided upon an answer at blog on and have decided that this is a family blog.  It is not a parenting blog or lifestyle blog as I feel I cover a bit of everything and that is why I like the group 'Family blog'.  I feel happy I have finally managed to categorise my blog.

Blog on has left me feeling much more content with my blog and remembering that nothing is ordinary.

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  1. I have heard so many great things about blog on, i think i may have to go myself next year x

  2. It was so lovely to see you at Blog On. I look forward to seeing you again soon


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