Chocolate is the best medicine

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The best way to feel better and to cheer yourself up has to be with chocolate. What better way than to play with chocolate and to create your very own Easter eggs. The girls were delighted with their gift from Stay in Cornwall to make their very own Easter eggs.

chocolate egg kit

The kits contained everything we needed, chocolate to melt, sweets to decorate, egg moulds and of course chef hats. The girls wasted no time in getting their hats on and greasing the egg moulds ready for the melted chocolate. The girls did really well pouring the chocolate and not eating it all, it was very tempting. They made swirly patterns and loved pouring the chocolate into the moulds.

making chocolate eggs

We left the chocolate to set so we could decorate it with the sweets later. It didn't take long and soon the girls could stick their sweets onto the eggs to make a funny face. The girls had lots of fun making their chocolate eggs and it was great fun, it certainly helped the girls feel much better after being ill for so long.

pouring in the chocolate

After making our chocolate eggs I needed a much deserved rest as standing was beginning to take its toll and I still was not feeling too well. We all had a cuddle in the sofa and the girls ate their chocolate eggs. The only thing that could have made us feel even better would have been to have been sat in the sunshine in one of our favourite places, Cornwall. Hopefully soon. In the meantime chocolate really does appear to have been the best medicine.

This day I love Chocolate is the best medicine

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