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Cast your mind back to Christmas. As parents we hurried our children outside to glance up at the night sky as the international space station whizzed over head. Pretending of course that it was Father Christmas and his sleigh.

More recently we had our children making pin hole cameras to help them watch the eclipse. Children and adults alike watched in amazement and wonder. Last month even marked international astronomy month. It is safe to say that for the past 6 months at least we have had our eyes on the skies.

the eclipse

Perhaps it rather appropriate that my girls are starting to show more of an interest in science and technology. As a qualified engineer I love that they have this new found interest and feel more should be done to encourage women to become interested in science, technology engineering and maths (STEM)

Stargazer Lottie

A special edition gold collection stargazer lottie doll has recently been launched with an RRP of £19.99. She has been developed in collaboration with the European space agency and it is hoped she will help get more children interested in ( STEM) and astronomy. Stargazer lottie comes with:

·         Dark blue velvet bomber jacket
·         Cerise-coloured dungarees
·         A long sleeve t-shirt with pale blue arms
·         Spotty scarf
·         A brown hat
·         Sturdy brown boots
·         Telescope and tripod
·         Solar system collector cards
·         Notable women in astronomy additional sheet.

Stargazer lottie was the recipient of the esteemed little scientist award from If you have a little one interested in STEM you can also download some great ideas here.

For your chance to win your own Stargazer Lottie follow the instructions on the widget below.  The giveaway closes 19th June at Midnight GMT.


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