Favourite Cities from around the world

Having just returned from Portugal I am feeling the need to travel again.  I love discovering new places and learning new cultures.  The girls equally seem to be bitten by the travelling bug and are already asking when can we go again.

I have been asking a few bloggers and friends to share with me their inspirations of places to visit next.  One of my non-blogging friends wrote the following for me

Los Angeles

For me, Los Angeles is America’s greatest city. It has so much to offer travellers, no matter where their interests lie. The weather is always great so you can spend some time on the beach. It’s the homSorbet Pop Bowls - Set of 6, £39e of the film industry so you can visit Universal Studios and visit the iconic cinematic landmarks like the TCL Chinese cinema. And, of course, there’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I had a great time visiting the Griffith Observatory. It’s one of America’s oldest and most iconic observatories, and it’s situated on the slopes of Mt. Hollywood providing amazing views of the city. Even this links back to Hollywood cinema though, as the observatory was the setting of Nicholas Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause starring the one and only James Dean!


Barcelona is the heart of Catalonia on Spain’s coast. It is the home of European modernist art and architecture, so there are plenty of cultural activities to fill your time with. And because you’re by the sea, there’s lots of great seafood to sample. You can’t leave the city until you’ve tried some Catalan paella.

When we visited Barcelona we avoided the tourist traps that are dotted around the city and just explored it by ourselves and it was great fun. It has a reputation for being an expensive city, but if you avoid the expensive hotels and stay in an apartment from HouseTrip like we did, it can be cheap.


Milan is famous for a lot of things. From fashion to football, and art to architecture, Milan offers the best of them all. But let’s start with something that’s better than all those things, the food! You’ve got to try La Cassoeula while you’re in the city. It’s stew of meat and vegetable with a Milanes twist. Then there’s the great pasta and pizza to gorge on.

If you’re an art lover, Milan is the city for you. But the city’s, and possibly the world’s, most famous work of art isn’t found in a gallery, but on the wall of a refectory. It’s Leonardo Da Vinci, painted in the 1490s, and you have to book in advance if you want to see it. You should also visit the Duomo, the city’s Gothic cathedral is also its centrepiece.

Duomo Milan


Tokyo is a city that is both traditional and strikingly new at the same time. It’s a bustling metropolis, and there’s always something for you to do. You can spend hours at a time and searching the back alleys, drinking in the small bars and sampling the local street food.

Strangely enough, one of the most famous landmarks in the city is a street crossing. You’ve probably seen the Shibuya Crossing before. It’s said to be the world’s busiest and widest street crossing in the world, and watching so many people pass over it is quite a sight to behold. 

If you haven’t visited these cities before, they should be the next places you visit!

I would love to know your favourite cities or places I should visit next.  Feel free to leave me a comment or if you would like to write a post email me thisdayilove@gmail.com 

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