Konfidence swim suits

Both my girls love water and I knew that they would want to spend as much time as possible in the water whilst on holiday.  We were staying in a James Villa which had its own pool and therefore most of our holiday would be spent in the water.

What I had not accounted for was just how much my kids love water.  It was a good job Konfidence had sent everything we needed to keep the girls skin safe whilst they played in the water.  Hats with extra protection for the back of their necks, shorts and long sleeved vests, all protect against UV rays and help keep the girls safe in the sun.

The girls loved exploring outside the villa and playing in the pool, the Konfidence suit certainly did not hinder their fun in anyway

Made from soft lycra there are certainly very comfortable for the girls to wear who would happily have kept them on all day.  They were highly durable as the girls kept jumping in and out the pool and we had no staining of skin meaning the colours stayed too.

Konfidence have certainly helped my girls grow in water confidence and gave me confidence to allow the girls to play out in the sun.

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