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Before having children I never struggled with sleep.  I would have the occasional night where I found it hard to drift off, but these were few and far between.  I also have the ability to sleep anywhere, including trains.  At one point I was so tired I even slept through and missed an entire day.  Long gone are the days were I get a lie in and my children seem to be the exact opposite for me with sleep.

Both my girls are a nightmare to get to go to sleep at night.  During our holiday to Portugal I was informed by one of the locals that Portuguese and European children go to bed at the same time as their parents.  I came to the conclusion my kids must be European, as it is the only way I can think of to explain their inability to sleep.  They wake up between 6 and 7 most mornings so am lucky if I manage a lie in in the morning.

I have followed lots of tips to try and help the girls sleep:

- routine
- No TV/tablets at least an hour before bed
- They have no toys in their rooms so that their bedrooms are only for sleeping in, not playing
- Jigsaw/wind down before bed
- No naps in the daytime [not that they would if I tried]
- Tiring them out during the day

Nothing however seems to work, they don't seem at all tired during the day so they must be getting the right amount of sleep for them.

When the girls do finally fall asleep I have a couple of things I like to do to aid me get a good nights sleep.  The first is I turn my phone face down so that the flashing light doesn't show.  I have noticed this helps me get a deeper sleep as I am not constantly woken up by the light.  The other is to be woken up in the morning by day light gradually rather than a harsh alarm noise.  

What are your top tips for a good nights sleep? Read more about top tips for sleep here. 

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