Review : Dermatique recuperating cream

It is no secret that my eldest daughter has very sensitive skin and suffers with eczema.  Her eczema can often take weeks at a time to recover and during this time can be very itchy for her.  We know the triggers of her eczema are dust and heat, and she suffers the most during the winter months when her skin has to be covered up meaning it cannot breathe.  

I will admit to worrying that whilst on holiday she would suffer with a flair up.  The hot weather plus sun cream I thought would be a bad combination for her skin.  However on an evening after her bath I would use Dermatique recuperating cream on her skin.  The cream has no smell and is completely free from steroids, making it perfect for her sensitive skin.

Dermatique recuperating cream

Within a few days I noticed that her current flair up had disappeared and she had no more visible patches.  I also noticed her skin felt lovely and soft, hydrated.  Once more because Dermatique recuperating cream goes on smoothly it leaves no greasy or sticky feeling afterwards so she was more than happy to go straight to bed and not have to wait for the cream to soak in.  As the cream absorbed almost instantly she has also did not experience that initial cold snap which you sometimes feel after applying creams.

Dermatique recuperating cream also made a perfect after sun cream for both girls.  After a full day in the sun Dermatique recuperating cream helped to rehydrate both girls skin and was gentle enough that it could even be applied to their faces.  At £29 Dermatique recuperating cream has become an essential item in our travel bag.

We were sent a tub of Dermatique recuperating cream to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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