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Schleich are a brand I associate with good quality children's products that are built to last. I therefore had high hopes for the riding arena and was interested to see how it would fair with my heavy handed 2 years old. The Schleich riding arena needs some assembly before it can be played with but all the pieces are included.

schleich riding school

The riding arena is quick to assemble, although slight force is needed to put the supports into the roof. I did worry that I was applying too much pressure and it would break, but all seems to have gone together OK. It also comes with 10 fence pieces which easily slot together. The two jumps could be out together by My 4 years old. Also in the box are a horse and rider, a hay barrel, carrots, horse coat, and horse harness.

schleich horse

My 4 year old daughter found the rider easy to remove and out back on again and the rider seemed secure as she moved the horse over the jumps. I personally feel it would have benefited from a few more fences just to make the riding arena a little bigger as she occasionally struggled to move the rider without knocking the fences. Whilst the saddle can be removed from the horse I would recommend leaving it in place as it can be a little fiddly to tighten back on.

The riding arena has an RRP of £24.99 and really does come with everything you need straight out if the box. My youngest daughter also enjoys playing with the riding arena and loves to sneakily play with the riding arena whilst her sister is else where. The Schleich riding arena is great for little ones to use their imagination and escape in a make believe world.

 The riding arena was sent for review, all words are my own opinion

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