Frozen ice

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For my youngest birthday she was given tickets to see a Disney on ice. We have seen the a Disney on ice shows in the past and each one the girls have loved, so I knew in advance they would enjoy the show. This Disney on ice was special, for the first time in forever Frozen would be there.

We didn't have particularly good seats to be honest and when the show started neither girls could see which meant they were both sat on my knee trying to peer over the adults in front of them. This did not seem to hinder their enjoyment as soon as the characters appeared on the ice they were clapping, singing and participating in the show.

The girls saw all their favourite Disney characters, Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel and belle to name a few but it was after the interval that the real excitement shone through. A reindeer and a man stand in the ice, instantly recognisable as Sven and Kristoff. There was a huge cheer in the audience and then Olaf appeared. The whole place erupted. Whilst the story did not follow the story of the film all the children had huge smiles on their faces and screamed when Elsa appeared. I do not think I have ever heard so many people sing Let it go at anyone time before.

It may have taken us over 2 hours to get out the car park afterwards but both girls were still in high spirits, until tiredness overcame them and they both fell asleep in the car on the way home. Needless to say both girls loved Disney on Ice and haven't stopped talking about it.

This day I love frozen ice

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