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I had planned to take a selection of books with me on holiday and to write about each one that I read. This plan soon got turned upside down when instead of sitting by the pool reading I was either in the pool or exploring with the girls. Nonetheless I managed to read one of my holiday books from one of my favourite authors

Regular readers to my blog will know I have read and possibly reviewed all of Michael Cargill books. If you google Michael Cargill and look at images there is a picture of me, well my blog image. I took with me on holiday Michael Cargill 'saying goodbye to Warsaw'

Saying goodbye to Warsaw

The book is set in the Warsaw ghetto during the holocaust. Not one of the lightest topics for holiday reading, but yet one which gripped me. Whilst we know the real life events you still have an overriding desire for the good guys to win. You are rooting for them through the entire book. The story touches on some very delicate subjects and stirs some real emotions, yet it is sensitive enough to carry the story. I was hooked and wanted to read more.

I am looking forward to reading Michael Cargill latest book, 'we go again' which is set in WW2. It is about a group of soldiers in a francs and deals with the relationship between them and the effects war can have on their state of mind. Keep in touch with Michael and see all his books here, and if you want to know what I think of them visit my review page where you can find them all listed.

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  1. I have to confess that your email took my by surprise (I was watching the tennis...!) and its briefness made me more anxious than I usually am when someone sends me a link to a review of my book... so I'm very happy that you enjoyed it!

    I actually became emotionally to these characters in a way that hasn't happened with any of my other books.

    1. I could sense an emotional attachment in the book, it was a powerful read. Apologies for the brief email, after 11pm my emails get shorter as I get tired.


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