Cloud dough and puddles

Cloud dough is one of our favourite activities.  I always have the ingredients in and it is quick and simple to set up, yet it keeps the girls entertained for hours.  Cloud dough is 8 cups flour to 1 cup oil.  You can add more or less to get the consistency as you like it.  Cloud dough has the property that it is powdery but you can compress it to form shapes, balls and even cloud dough castles.  It is great for exploring textures and building shapes.  Both the girls love it.

playing with cloud dough

Cloud dough was perfect for keeping my daughter entertained whilst it rained, but as soon as it stopped she wanted to head outside to find the muddy puddles.

playing in puddles

We even met a couple of friends along the way

meeting 3 horses

The perfect way to spend the day Cloud dough and muddy puddles.

This day I love cloud dough and puddles

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