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We take lots of digital photos but it is not very often we print them. I love looking through our photos and love having the physical copy of the photo to look through. My photos however are stored all over the digital world from Instagram to Facebook, g+ to Dropbox and even on SD cards. Organising them can be a nightmare.

With Father's Day round the corner I have been looking at creating a unique gift for the girls grandad. I want to create a memory book of the girls which they can give to him on Father's Day. One of the simplest ways for me to do this is using Imprify.

Imprify is an app which allows you to create photo books using images stored on a facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or your mobile device. The app is available for both android and ios. The layout is quick and simple to use so a photobook can be created within minutes. Perfect for when you are short of time. Imprify also allows you to then share your photobook on facebook or via what's app or you can opt to print a physical copy. You can add comments, dedications and customise the photos making it a truly personal book.

Girls play snap

I cannot wait for my Imprify book to arrive it takes 3 days worldwide, the app was really easy to use and such a clever idea for digital photos. A perfect way to create memories and share them with family and friends.  If you would like to create yours I have 20% discount code: 01C517.

I have been provided a code to create my own imprify book, all words are my own opinion

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  1. They are gorgeous books! I reviewed one a few weeks ago and I have it hidden away for Fathers day :)


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