A night light for Grandma house

The summer holidays have brought new excitement for the girls, sleepover at Grandma house.  The girls love their Grandparents and love spending time with them.  The girls even have their own room at their Grandparents house which they have taken great pride in decorating with Peppa Pig [I do not allow them to have Peppa Pig in our house]. 

At home each of the girls have their own night lights, however at Grandma house they have never needed a night light until now.  I wanted a light for them that they could carry in the night and that could sit near to their bed.  It was important that it did not get hot and like their ones at home change colours.  This was to keep continuity with what they are familiar with. 

We found a great range of night lights at PK green shop and the girls chose one like a dog.

dog night light

Our dog night light met all of our criteria and because it is battery powered it means there are no wires for the girls to get tangled in.  The night light not only changes colours but can be set to a white light, which is great for reading or using as a torch in the dark to find Grandma!

The girls now have the perfect night light for their sleepovers!

going sleep with her night light

This night light was sent free of charge in exchange for the review, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. This is so cute that I'd want it as a quirky light for my front room :) I still like to have a night light at 37 rather than being in pitch black.


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