bouncing high

This Sunday evening my girls dropped my phone and broke it.  Which means I am currently unable to take photos.  Apologies therefore for the lack of Instagram updates and blog updates.  

Sunday saw me complete the Leeds 10K and I was unable to record my times or take photos without my phone, but I have to say it is one of the prettiest medals I own and cannot wait to add to my Instagram feed.

The last photos I took were on Saturday at a local fun day.  The girls had a lot of fun on all the rides but their favourite was the trampoline bungee.  We queued for quite some time but that did not put the girls off.  They loved bouncing as high as they could and reaching to the sky as they did.

bouncing high

Watching the girls with huge smiles on their faces was the highlight of the weekend for me.  I cannot wait for my phone to come back so I can take some more photos

This day I love bouncing high

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