Taking the family to France

We visited the South of France as a family last year and had an amazing time.  It was of the most stunning coast lines we have ever visited in Europe.  The South of France was a beautiful place for families with stunning coast and crystal clear waters, amazing food and plenty to see.  France offers a wide variety 

South of France

The sights 

There are lots of famous sights to see in France. Most people head to Paris on their first trip, and that is where you will find the Eiffel tower. That construct has become one of the most recognisable structures on the planet, and so it’s perfect for getting some holiday snaps. It doesn't cost much to go to the top and enjoy the breathtaking view.  It is worth a trip with the family at some point during your stay. There are also lots of other sights to see in Paris, which is why the bulk of travellers stay there for a least a couple of days. 

The food

It can be hard to find the food your kids are willing to eat when visiting foreign countries. However, France isn't too far from the UK, and so there should be lots of suitable eateries. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more on offer than just frogs legs and snails. Indeed, that has become a bit of a stereotype for the region. Even so, you will encounter many restaurants that serve standard English food. That always helps to keep my children happy. 

The entertainment

It tends to rain in France quite frequently, and so it’s always sensible to take some books to keep your kids occupied. That said, there is a wealth of activities and events held in that country all year round. You are certain to find something interesting and exciting when the weather improves. Don’t forget that Paris is home to the world-famous Disneyland. Tickets can be expensive on the gate though and for that reason, you’ll want to book everything before you travel. On average, doing that could mean you save up to 20%. 

The accommodation

Hotels, apartments, and other forms of accommodation are not expensive in France. That means a trip there isn't going to break the bank. There are many luxury vacation homes that you can rent for rock bottom prices if you shop around. As with any travel-related bookings, it’s usually wise to make arrangements well in advance. Either that or you can leave it until the last minute. However, there are some issues with doing that. For instance, you might not get the dates you require. 

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  1. Lovely post! We take our kiddos to the South of France every year in August, and we love it there too! It's so relaxed and a really easy journey with little ones!


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