5 Reasons you need a Snuggle Sac

Snuggle Sac are great, the girls love them.  Whilst you may think they are only good for sleeping they, are also good for lots of other things too.  If you have never heard of Snuggle Sac they are a machine washable award winning sleeping bag for children.  They feature a side zip for ease of access and are also safe to use in the tumble dryer, although if you dry them inside out they do dry quite fast.  Snuggle Sac are 5.2 tog and are soft and fleecy on the outside making them lovely and cuddly.

1. Chilling

Snuggle Sac are so lovely and soft on the outside thanks to the fleece lining that they are perfect for just chilling on.  A comfy spot that you can take with you.

chilling on the snuggle sac

2. Hiding

The warmth and comfort of the snuggle sac mean that no matter who you are you love to snuggle underneath.  They make the perfect hiding place for your best friend

dog in snuggle sac

3. Sack racing

The girls love sack racing and the snuggle sac are so durable and well built that they can withstand the play that the girls have put them through.

snuggle sac racing

4. A bed for your dolls

If you are not asleep in your Snuggle Sac you can tuck your babies [dolls and teddy] up for the night in them

dolls in snuggle sac

5. For adults too

Snuggle Sac are big enough for adults too.  Thanks to the handy carry bag they can be taken with you to sleepovers at Grandma house and Grandma can try them out too, provided she doesn't get jumped on.

Grandma in snuggle sac

The girls were sent a Snuggle Sac in exchange for review, all words are my own personal opinion 

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