Steel and Space

A day with my eldest and we took a trip to Magna Science adventure.  Magna is based in an old steel works and the building still has a certain awe to it.  There are 4 main halls situated within the steel works representing each of the elements earth, wind, fire and water.  

Magna had a special exhibition of the Red Bull Stratos.  Standing next to the capsule and then watching the jump brought back memories of watching it live.  My eldest held her breath when he jumped.

The dark and cold steel works really added to the atmosphere and gave the suit used for the jump a little extra that I do not think could have been achieved any where else.

My favourite element of Magna was the Fire room, and you can watch the fire tornado over on my Facebook page.  My eldest daughters however was Water.  Magna is very hands on and encourages learning through play, which is exactly what we did.

After all the play inside it was time to make the most of the sunshine and explore outside.  There is a great water park but we had not brought a change of clothes so instead we opted to play on the enormous adventure play ground.

We had a great day exploring the old steel works and playing in the outdoor play area.

This day I love steel and space

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