A cat in the hat followed by chicken!

Yay it is the last day of the school holidays! I am so happy for school to start tomorrow, my eldest cannot wait for school to start tomorrow and my youngest wants school to start but she has to wait until Monday!

For our last day of the school holidays I bought tickets to see Cat in the Hat at the Lyceum in Sheffield.  I love Dr Seuss and knew the girls would enjoy the show.  We were all very excited and even queued up to buy a Cat in the Hat Hat but they sold out by the time we got to the front, ah well.  My youngest kept saying she could see the Cat as we took her seats and they were really excited.

The show was everything we expected and more.  It was so funny and had the girls giggling and laughing, in fact it was so good I didn't take any photos.  We all loved it!  If you like Dr Seuss you have to go and watch the performance.

After the show it was dinner time and I thought it would be nice for the girls to have dinner out.  I took them to experience their first ever Nandos.  We had a share platter which the girls thought was just like a picnic, and in true picnic style plates were filled and soon emptied!  Nandos was a hit!

This day I love a cat in the hat followed by chicken!

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