Review : Tomy Foam Cone Factory

Bath and shower times have just got a lot more fun!

The girls love pretending to make ice creams.  They scoop up bubbles from the water into cups and hand them out as if in an ice cream shop.  The TOMY foam cone factory was perfect for them.  Featuring three cones, an ice cream maker and a sprinkle shaker I knew this was going to be a hit at bath time.

The Foam cone factory has 4 suckers on the back which sticks to the bath tub, tiles and the glass shower doors.  This meant it could be used in both the bath and the shower.  A small drop of bubble bath with a little bit of water is placed into the top ice cream cone and then the girls were ready to go. 

They needed no introduction and got straight to pulling the leaver and watching the foam come out from underneath.  Swirling the foam in the cones to create ice creams, passing them around and taking turns to make the ice cream.

The TOMY foam cone factory is the perfect addition to our bath and shower time!

We were sent the TOMY foam cone factory for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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