Maverick Early Readers

My daughter is about to start her second year at school.  I remember this time last year worrying about everything, about how she would cope and looking back I had no need to worry.  My youngest will start school next week, just mornings for now but it is a big step.

Having gone through this once before I sort of know what to expect, although every child is different.  This time I feel much better prepared at supporting them with their learning at home.  The books my daughter used to come home with from school were uninspiring and as a result she did not want to read them.  In order to support her I bought some early reader books with much more interesting stories, and she loves to read those.  

Her younger sister also has started showing an interest in reading these books, and I think if you make the stories interesting they want to read more.  Maverick books have launched their Early readers which have been carefully adapted from the original picture books by the author and Catherine Baker, an educational specialist.  There are also a host of learning resources available to help both teachers and parents on

This adaptation means the girls are already familiar with their favourite stories and love that they then have independence in reading the books themselves.  

The girls love the Maverick Early Readers books that much that I often find them playing libraries with them.  They set up the library then check out a book, read it and then return it!

Maverick Early readers

We were sent the Maverick Early readers for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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  1. These books sound great. Wishing your brood all the best for the new school year!

    1. Thank you. We love the books, it is so refreshing to have interesting stories for the girls to learn to read


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