We love bubbles.  

The girls love bubbles and the dogs love bubbles.  IN fact J loves bubbles so much we have gone through at least 10 bubble machines.

We were incredibly excited to be sent some Foameez to review.  Foameez are bubbles that never end!  Imagine the fun that both the girls and the dogs could have

When Foameez works it is fantastic, there are lots of giggles and the dogs love chasing the trail of never ending bubbles. (Spot the dogs nose in the photos)  There are however a few things to note to make Foameez a success

The first thing to note is to only place the straw into the head around 1cm, not to the insertion line.  Make sure the material for the tongue is wet with the bubble mixture else you will not get any bubbles.  To do this simply turn the bottle upside down.  The final tip is to make sure the tongue material is tight, if there are any gaps you get no bubbles.

If you need to tighten the material, remove the top part of the head lift the plastic ring, adjust the material and replace the plastic ring and head.  It can be tricky to do this if you have been using Foameez as it gets slippy so it is best to wait.

Foameez is a lot of fun and has kept the girls and the dogs entertained.

All words are my own opinion 

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