Review : Muddy Puddles 3 in 1 explorer jacket

We have a saying in our house that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.  No matter what the weather the girls want to be outside exploring and provided they are dressed correctly we always try to embrace this.  

The girls love to explore and for them it does not matter if we are exploring our own garden or further afield.  The change in season has seen a real change in our garden.  Autumn berries are blooming and the woods at the end of our garden are loosing their leaves giving the girls plenty to explore.

My eldest recently had a delivery from Muddy puddles of a 3 in 1 explorer jacket.  The 3 in 1 explorer jacket has a RRP of £59 and really is 3 jackets in 1.  With the current changing weather the 3 in 1 explorer jacket is perfect.  During the morning walk to school the weather is cold, frosty and misty, yet by school pick up it is warm and sunny.  My eldest wears the explorer jacket to school in a morning, and for the walk home unzips the inner fleece and wears just the outer olive coat.

The outer coat is the perfect rain coat, light weight, portable and waterproof.  Simple reflective details make it perfect for these Autumnal evenings and the large hood with fur details give it that something special.  The outer coat was simple to wipe down and keep clean.

The inner fleece can be attached to the outer jackets if needed to provide extra warmth and the perfect winter coat or worn on its own.  The fleece is incredibly soft and warming and can be washed.  My daughter is a little disappointed there are no pockets on the fleece coat for her to put her hands in to keep warm, but they are on the outer coat.

There are some excellent design features on the 3 in 1 explorer jacket.  As mentioned reflective stripes, the zips have been made with little fingers in mind and the elastic fastenings in the sleeves to attach the fleece are a great addition.  Alongside the zip are Velcro fastenings to give an extra protection from the outside elements.  

We have had several comments from parents at school asking where we got our 3 in 1 explorer jacket from.  Parents have commented on the quality and how my eldest looks warm yet she has freedom to move and play.

My eldest normally takes a size 4-5 and the jacket she is wearing is a 5-6.  It is a little big on the sleeves, which is to be expected but seems to fit OK everywhere else.  She perhaps should be in a 6-7 to get a bit more wear out of it.  I do feel it will last for my youngest to wear next year, although she has taken to wearing the fleece already.

Both girls seem to really love the 3 in 1 explorer jacket from Muddy Puddles.  It is perfect for the school run, playing in and exploring.  Great as a waterproof jacket, fleece or as a winter coat.  Certainly a coat for many seasons and one which will last for next year also.

Muddy Puddles have asked me to rate the following out of 5:

Fit 4/5 - Surprised that my daughter who normally takes a 4-5 fits nicely in a 5-6

Quality  5/5

Durability  5/5

Comfort 5/5

Price 5/5 

Practicality 5/5

We were sent the 3 in 1 explorer jacket in exchange for this review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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