A Nickelodeon Pumpkin Party

The girls are in the Halloween party mood, which we kick started with Nickelodeon.  All this week Nickelodeon are showing special Halloween episodes of their shows and to celebrate held a party on twitter.  The girls were excited to be party hosts and enjoyed having friends over to play.

There was plenty of activities to do and whilst we waited for Peppa Pig to start we all took part in colouring 

After colouring and watching the special Halloween edition of Peppa Pig our guests all took it in turns to stick the wart on Wallykazam

Before taking part in a Paw Patrol Spooky hunt

I think the favourite activity was creating Halloween lanterns.  Our guest loved getting creative with their lantern designs and we soon had an assortment of spooky lanterns

 No party could be completed without cake and of course the girls had made some spooky monster cakes in advance.

 The girls and our guests had a lot of fun at the Nickelodeon Pumpkin party and we hope you enjoyed following the fun on twitter.  I must also apologies as I had not realised that I had lost wifi signal during the party.  It was only afterwards I discovered many of my tweets in drafts!

Thanks to UKmumstv for asking us to be party hosts.

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