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My youngest daughter loves imaginative tea parties. I spend most of my time drinking pretend cups of tea and she loves having a tea party for her dolls and for me. I love this imagination and role play from her and its a lovely way to interact with her.

For her tea parties she also serves pretend cake and biscuits, well no tea party would be complete without one. I am guessing if she understood what afternoon tea looked like she would also serve this, well she serves the individual components at the least. Her current method of transportation for her tea party is using her babies pushchair. She stacks everything inside and pushes it to where we are sitting. Alternatively she uses a tray but she reminds me of the waitress from Acorn Antiques as she does so.

During my hunt for Christmas presents for her I have come across a beautiful wooden tea trolley from George Asda. The tea trolley comes flat pack but is quick and easy to assemble. The trolley has two levels making it perfect for both the biscuits and the tea and there is plenty of room for everything, meaning the pushchair stays for the babies who can now attend the tea party.

I love the antique feel to the tea trolley. It is finished in a cream and white paint with small cherries painted on the front. The curves and details to the wood give it a beautiful finish. The tea trolley handle is not adjustable but is at a great height for my youngest daughter who is just over a metre tall. The trolley is easy to push even when fully loaded with everything needed for her tea party, although we do have wooden floors so cannot say what it is like over carpets.

The wooden tea trolley is sturdy and well built and sure to last for many more tea parties.

The tea trolley was sent in exchange for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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