A pretty amazing week

Last week was an emotional week. 

After completing the marathon on Sunday my legs, hips, feet, knees just ceased up and were in a lot of pain.  Moving was very problematic and the school walk was interesting to say the least.  Needless to say I spent most of last week recovering.

I turned another year older and as my eldest daughter kindly pointed out, 'Mummy you are now closer to 100 and then you will be dead', thanks darling

Two other great celebrations happened last week too.  The first it was #nationalchocolateweek!  As if I needed an excuse to eat chocolate on my birthday week and as a recovery from the marathon.  The girls made me this amazing chocolate house with their Grandma, as a present for my birthday.

The second was it was also #nationalcurryweek.  I do enjoy a good curry and yes I did have a curry for my birthday, again I think it would have been rude not to give it National Curry week.  Whilst some enjoy curry with a Naan I prefer it with rice and for me it has to be Tilda rice.

My favourite curry is a chicken and chick pea curry which I randomly create.  It is quick,simple and really tasty.  I don't know exact amounts but basically:

I fry diced chicken with a copped onion until cooked.  I sprinkle in ground ginger, ground garlic, chili flakes, and cumin.  I go by the smell of the dish to work out how much spice to add.  Once it has the right aroma I add in a tin of chickpeas and a packet of spinach.  Once the spinach has completed reduced I know the curry is finished.  Serve over the top of Tilda rice!

The only thing that could have made the week better I think would have been if it was national doughnut week!

This day I love a pretty amazing week.

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