Back to school and time to refresh

The girls have both gone back to school and now my energy levels have started to return to normal I have begun tidying up the spare room in preparation for the nursery.  After my youngest was potty trained I sold all of our baby things which means we are starting again from scratch.  We have no hand me downs or any baby items and have begun shopping for nursery furniture.

Luckily the spare room has a fitted wardrobe and chest of drawers already in place.  The only major item of furniture I needed to purchase was the cot bed.  I looked through all the usual online sites and came across a cot bed for £10.  It had a few scratches but nothing major and it had the European safety check so I knew it met current safety regulations.

I used some wood filler to fix some of the larger marks and sanded down the others.  After repairing the cot I passed it over to my Dad who very lovingly painted it for me with Rustoleum paint.  Their paint is child toy safe which means it is safe for newborn babies!

The cot bed has been completely transformed and looks brand new.  I have not yet put it together as the flooring needs replacing in the room and it is easy to move to cot bed in panels than as a complete piece.  We have wrapped the pieces to protect them whilst we re do the flooring.

I am now deciding what to paint on the ends of the cot bed.  I am thinking something Dr Seuss related as we made our announcement using Thing 3 from Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat.  I do have lots of wonderful colours to choose from, what would you paint?

Keep your eyes on my instagram account to see what I paint on the cot bed!

Thanks to Rustoleum for providing the paint to paint the cot bed.  All words are my own opinion. 

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