Welcome to the Furchester Hotel

This week saw my daughter check-in to the Furchester Hotel.  The Furchester hotel allows a little bit of silliness and gives children the opportunity to laugh and learn with loveable friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster.  Welcome to the Furchester Hotel is the first DVD of the series from CBeebies and features six episodes.

Viewers of the TV series will be aware of the 1/2 star rated hotel run by a family of monsters who solve all sorts of chaos.  The series is co produced by Seasame Workshop and encourages children to be creative and solve problems all in a fun way.  It is certainly a hit with my youngest.

The six episodes are:

Welcome to the Furchester 
Don’t Eat the Guests
Very Important Porcupine
Count Your Chickens
The Veggietones

Each one featuring songs and laughs and the fun you would expect.  A great DVD for all little ones aged 3-6 years.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Welcome to the Furchester Hotel on DVD enter via the widget below.  Giveaway ends midnight GMT on Friday 23rd October

Welcome to the Furchester Hotel

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