Conker painting

We appear to be accumulating a lot of conkers at the minute and I have been wanting to do something with them that the girls would find fun.  I set up some paint and some conkers and invited them to play

We had a shallow sided cardboard lid which the girls wasted no time in putting to use.  Dipping the conkers in paint and placing them in the tray.

They would then tip the tray to allow the conkers to roll around until they ran out of paint.  They would repeat the process and took turns to tip and paint

Each conker made different shapes and patterns and the girls giggled as they rolled the conkers around.  They certainly enjoyed themselves and in the process created a master piece

I would say a successful activity with conkers that the girls enjoyed!

This day I love conker painting! 

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  1. What a fun idea....I haven't been able to find any conkers near us! :(


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