Family night with Roxy lanes

It is a rare opportunity when we all get to spend time out as a family.  When Roxy Lanes in Leeds got in touch and offered us a family night out I could not say no.  Roxy lanes have recently launched Roxy Juniors which is especially for kids Sunday-Friday 3pm-6pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm.  This sounded a perfect treat for my girls, and with Roxy Lanes serving food it also meant we could make an evening of it.

My eldest was incredibly excited all day.  She has already decided that for her birthday she is having a bowling party, her birthday is not until Summer, so you can tell how much she loves bowling.  My youngest has never been before but she was picking up on her sisters enthusiasm.  

We arrived at Roxy Leeds in plenty of time and made our way upstairs.  The girls eagerly handed over their shoes and put on their bowling shoes.  We were ready to bowl!

Roxy Lanes has 4 bowling lanes which are staggered in rows of two.  This gave quite a nice intimate feel to bowling and I did think at one point it felt like you were in a private bowling alley in someones mansion .  

The lanes were knew when the girls were bowling so automatically put the bumpers up for them and the wait time for the pins to come back seemed really quick.  This made the game flow really nicely.  The girls got so excited every time it was their turn and did not want to leave the bowling balls in anticipation of their turn.  My eldest was incredibly happy because I had given her my bowling ball from when I was little and she loved using it.

 I loved watching the girls bowl, each time they would bend down to watch the ball roll down the alley almost willing it to knock over the pins.  Every time they knocked over even 1 pin they would jump up and down with excitement and happiness.  It was clear to see that they were enjoying themselves.  

Bowling is thirsty work and so as our game drew to a close the girls had a drink whilst choosing their dinner.  Roxy Lanes Leeds had a dedicated kids menu which had a similar choice to the adults.

Our dinner was Pizza which was home-made and the girls enjoyed it.  It was really filling so we ended up fetching some of it home.  Neither of the girls were complaining at this and wanted to eat it on the way home!

I am looking forward to returning when Thing 3 has arrived, as the cocktail menu looked fantastic particularly the Gin Garden Tea.  I also cannot wait to take the girls again as they loved family night at Roxy Lanes.

Thanks to Roxy Lanes Leeds for a wonderful family night.

We were provided with a game of bowling and Pizza in exchange for a post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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