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York will always hold a special place in my heart.  

This weekend I completed my first marathon.  The Yorkshire marathon and it took part in the city of York.  Starting at university campus, heading into the City centre and through the iconic City walls before weaving through the picturesque villages of York.  

There are so many beautiful villages which surround York and each one I ran through I wanted to buy one of the beautiful houses that were there.  Each with their own unique styles and of course a duck pond!

The City itself is like no other.  The river Ouse flowing through the city centre.  Famous Roman walls act as a reminder of the history of York and the Minster towering over the City below.  York is bursting with history and each visit uncovers a new discover.

The reason however York holds a special place for me, is that I have some wonderful childhood memories there.  York is a beautiful city but it is even more beautiful from the air, and this is how I know it best.  My Dad flies private light aircraft and as a child I would spend most weekends at the airfield with him.  I probably have a better understanding of York from the air that I do from the ground, even after running 26.2 miles of it.

York certainly is a city like no other, but for me my favourite place in York is the airfield with my Dad.  Getting ready for another adventure.

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  1. I went for a weekend break many years ago and i've always intended to go back. Such a lovely place to explore.


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