Review : Orchard Toys New Baby Lotto

The girls are very excited for Things 3 arrival.  They keep asking when baby is going to arrive and how big baby is today.  They have a tape measure and keep checking to see how big baby is.  I am so pleased they are excited for Thing 3 arrival and are wanting to get involved with baby.

I am doing everything I can to prepare them for the arrival of Thing 3 and so was really excited when Orchard Toys got in touch about one of their games, New baby Lotto.  We have several Lotto style games at home and so both girls are familiar with how to play, but they were very excited that the Orchard Toys New baby Lotto was about their new baby arriving.

The first time you play New baby Lotto you need to pop out the cards from the sheet but subsequent games you are ready to go straight away.  The girls selected their game cards.  Each card has a different theme related to the care of a new baby.  Bath time, sleep, play and feed.  You then have to try and remember where the smaller cards are in order to fill up your play card.

We placed the cards face down on the table and began to concentrate on the placement of them.

I personally love this type of game as it helps build concentration skills in children and gets them thinking, working on their memory.  The girls soon started filling up their cards and talking about the items they picked up, this is my baby bottle, this is a teddy for my baby, when the baby comes I can bath them too, when the baby comes I can help feed them.  It was lovely hearing this interaction from the girls and listening to how excited they are for the baby to arrive

The game continues until someone completes the card, but the girls do not seem to mind how long the game takes as they enjoy playing.  

Orchard Toys New baby Lotto has certainly got the girls talking more about the arrival of Thing 3 and has helped to prepare them for all the things a new born might need.  A really wonderful game to play together.

Thanks to Orchard toys for sending New Baby Lotto for us to play, all words are my own opinion. 

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