Roaming around the castle

We decided to make the most of a beautiful Autumn afternoon and explore Conisbrough Castle.  The castle stood tall and proud on the top of the hill and we made our way up the path.

The girls loved running up and down the hill in front of the castle

It was then they spotted some older children rolling down the hill which lead to one thing

The exterior of the castle is vast and free to explore and it was lovely watching the girls run around in the Autumn sun.  We decided to explore the museum inside, which only took 10 minutes but was great to see some of the history of the castle

After exploring the museum it was time to explore the castle.  The girls ran up to the castle tower and climbed the steps to inside.  The girls wanted to be outside in the sunshine and not wanting to explore the inside, which was a shame as I would have liked to have had a look around.

There was plenty of space for the girls to roam free and explore.

The view from the top of the castle was amazing and even the girls took time to peer out and admire it.

I loved finding all the little features and the details within the ruins.

The thing I loved the most though was watching the girls roam free!

This day I love roaming around the castle

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