Take the stress out of moving home

I remember the day we put our house on the market.  We decided to move to be closer to family, better schools and for more space.  What we didn't realise at the time was that I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  

Our house sold when I was 33 weeks pregnant, I was still working full time and I had an 18 month old to look after.  Stress didn't cover it.  What made things more stressful is the house we wanted had sold!  We were really disappointed but continued our house search with me heavily pregnant.  We fell in love with another house which went to auction.  Although we were the highest bidder the owners decided to sell to someone else as they felt they would move quicker.

As luck would have it the original house we wanted came back onto the market and we made an offer straight away, which was accepted.  Then the fun started.  We had to decide which survey to carry out, which solicitor package we wanted, factor in the different costs of moving and then wait for all the survey results to come back and act accordingly.  Some of the results that came back brought back unexpected results and we had to factor in these costs, costs of repairs, bills and other things we originally had not thought of.  

I was getting closer to my due date and we still had not got a moving date, stress levels were high.  Whilst in labour we got a phone call to give us a completion date, which was then brought forwards and we ended up with 3 days to pack up the house and find a removal van.  I was tired, had a newborn baby, a 21 month old and really could have done with out the stress of moving.

I would have loved to have had a fairy godmother to explain exactly what was going on and when.  What would happen on moving day, if I had known the movers could have moved the cupboard with items still in them I would not have spent all the time packing things up.  Things such as the bills in the new home how to move them across to your name or even to think about ordering your furniture before you move so it is ready for your new home.  Yes we spent a month sitting on the floor until our sofa arrived.

Money Supermarket have devised the fairy godmother I needed.  An online tool that takes the stress out of moving and even has features built in to save you money.

Money Supermarket have thought about everything to do with moving home.  Even what to do with your pets.  Something that had not occurred to me until after we moved.  Remember to update the pet microchip details, vet and pet insurance details.  Money supermarket can also help you discover the cost of your happily every after.  This interactive tool is really simple to use and requires answers to a few short questions.  At the end it gives you an idea of the cost of moving.  I personally loved that the calculator stays with the fairy tale theme.

Whilst we have no plans to move again in the near future, at least I know that if we did I would have a fairy godmother on hand this time with Money Supermarket

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