Rainy day House building

The rain came pouring down and we could not go outside to play.  The girls did not want  to go out and play, they wanted something fun to do.  Something a little different.  What they really wanted was Cat in the Hat to inject some fun, so we injected our own.

We took our white Cardboard playhouse from cardboard toys, our blank canvas and let imaginations go wild.  The girls were given paint, leaves, stencils and the craft box, the rest was up to their imagination.

The girls began by holding a planning meeting inside their house.  They decided what to do and what they would need.  Spotty dog decided to keep guard.

 The girls began by decorating the inside of the house.  They drew lights on the ceiling, a kitchen and bathroom and of course all the other essentials bedroom and their toys.  The dogs watched on with interest.

After they had finished decorating the inside they played inside the house and admired their work.

Spotty dog seemed very impressed with the interior. 

I was incredibly impressed with what they had drawn, my favourite parts are the lights on the ceiling and the cat in the Hat made an appearance too!

With the inside complete it was now time to start working on the outside.  They cut, stuck, glued, painted and created.  Busy chatting away and making things.  Using objects to dip in paint and act as stencils.  Discovering shapes and patterns, mixing colours to make new colours

Day 1 was drawing to a close, they had worked really hard on their house all day but it was now time for bed.

 They made smoke clouds for the chimney, a bird in a nest to sit on the roof [Mummy had to help stick him on the roof] and a flag.  What house doesn't have a flag!

They stuck solar panels on the front of their house and trees down the side

Even making some pipe cleaner snails for the front of the house.

It was still raining on Sunday so the girls began painting again.  Finishing off their hard work they had started the day before.  Stamping butterflies, bees and ladybirds on the sides near their trees. 

Using their hands they created roof tiles on the side of without solar panels.  By the sides of the door they created some red flowers.  There was one final task and that was to paint the doors.

After two days of hard work the girls wrote 'Our House' above the doors and had created their dream home.  It had everything that their imaginations could think of from flowers, birds and creativity.

 A wonderful way to spend a rainy weekend and the girls have a dream house they can play with for many more adventures.

This day I love Rainy day house building

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