The 20 Week Scan

I was really nervous before the scan.  I had not felt any movements of Thing 3 and was fearing the worst.  Even more the winter coat that I could not zip up I can now zip up and was having mad panics that my bump was shrinking.  

I had to pick up my youngest from nursery before the scan and my friend accompanied me, as my husband was unable to.  I arrived at the hospital and just felt sick, after stopping at the shop for some snacks I made my way to ultra sound.

I was scanned by two ladies, one who had only been working in ultrasound for 5 weeks.  I would not have know as she did such a professional job.  She was calm and put me at ease straight away.  The other sonographer was training her and helped her if she needed it, not that she needed much.   I was pleased to see Thing 3 kicking away, and discovered that my placenta is anterior, like it was with my eldest, which perhaps explains why I cannot feel much.

Thing 3 had everything in the right place and the right number of things too.  The sonographer commented that it looked like Thing 3 was running a marathon which made me laugh.  I love that Thing 3 is a little runner bean.

The big question is did I find out if Thing 3 is a boy or a girl?

Well Thing 3 had other ideas and decided to wiggle around and bounce so much that no I don't know if Thing 3 is a boy or a girl.  Thing 3 obviously wants to keep this as a surprise and whilst I am really wanting to find out I guess I have to wait a bit longer.  Half way there I guess.

After the scan I had to see the consultant.  My hospital has a personalised growth chart which means that the measurements of Thing 3 are plotted against my height, weight and BMI so we know if Thing 3 is growing according to my body.  My eldest was born on the 80 centile and my youngest 91 centile according to my personalised growth chart.  However in my head at 8lbs and 8lbs7oz they are average sized babies, but according to my body and what they should be they are very large babies.

The consultant has concerns because babies traditionally speaking get bigger, and so if I continue on this trend it would be a 100centile baby which is apparently very dangerous.  Trust me the thought of pushing anything bigger than my youngest has me scared too.

I am now under consultant care to monitor the growth of Thing 3.  I am a little worried as it is out of my control.  I can neither make Thing 3 grow any faster or any slower.  I do not feel any bigger than I did with the girls and am a little unsure as to what I can do to help Thing 3.  I have to have a test at 28 weeks to monitor how my pancreas and liver are performing, and a sugar test. 

Along with this I have to have a scan at 36 weeks.  It will be at this point if they decide to deliver Thing 3 early.  I am a little frightened by this prospect but nothing I can do to change the outcome.  I shall just have to keep everything crossed until then.

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  1. Ahh the little one was to come out and surprise everyone. I'm too under consultant and have a scan at 37 weeks to decide what will happen as there were lots of risk factors when delivering my first. She ended up being 9lb 5oz. Lol.


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