The New Blend-Active

With Halloween just around the corner we thought this would be a perfect excuse to put the new Blend-Active through its paces.  The new Blend-Active Pro has a sleek black finish and has improvements over the original Blend-Active.  The sports cap has a lock open feature, there is a rubber grip around the bottle which is sleeker in design and the blades have a handy cap which means you can now chop nuts.  Another great feature is the light which illuminates to indicate the bottle is attached correctly so you can begin blending.

I gathered together lots of different fruits, vegetables and other foods and set to work experimenting with the girls help.  Finding out what flavours worked well together and which really did not.

The girls created three recipes.

1. Vampires blood

13 red grapes
13 raspberries
13 strawberries
1 pear
Apple juice

The girls preferred to sieve the juice afterwards to remove any lumps but this is optional

2. Graveyard Mud

2 banana
4 Oreo cookies

This was their favourite out of all the combinations we made.  You could also add a spoon of cocoa powder if you wanted to make it a darker colour. 

3. Frankenstein 

2 small apples
handful spinach
Apple juice
Lime to taste

This was my favourite of the three and was a really refreshing drink.

I would love to know what you have created in your Blend-Active, why not share yours with #BlendActive.  

We were sent a Blend-Active to create some Halloween inspired recipes.  All words are my own opinion. 

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