Autumn hide and seek

Last week there was a rare Autumn afternoon and my youngest and I decided to make the most of it before picking up her sister from school.  We decided to go for a walk through the local woods.  As we walked the leaves began falling all around us and with the low Autumn sun it was really magical.  My youngest was captivated

My youngest began exploring more, taking in the most of her freedom and running round through the leaves.  Trying to catch the ones as they fell and chasing the shadows cast by the sun.  It was wonderful watching her.

We had just enough time to play hide and seek before picking up her sister from school, can you spot her?

This day I love Autumn hide and seek

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  1. Sounds perfect place to do hide and seek :)

  2. Such a lovely time to capture and remember, the leaves are falling thick and fast and I confess to reaching out and catching the odd leaf myself. Looks like a lovely collection of trees for hide and seek too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. What a gorgeous autumn day for fun and hide and seek. Love seeing children explore nature like this. #CountryKids


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