A lush new t-shirt

After both of my previous pregnancies I did not return to my pre pregnancy weight.  It left me in an in between state for quite some time.  I feel bigger already with this pregnancy and am unsure how big I will be afterwards.  I do however need some new clothes.

Clothes shopping whilst pregnant for after pregnancy is not without its difficulties.  I look for clothes that had a good stretch so that I can wear them now, but also that will retain their original shape so that they can be worn afterwards too.  I look for items that are good quality and built to last.  Also clothes which are a little different but not too out there.

When Lush T-shirts got in touch I felt they offered everything I was looking for.  I live in jeans and t-shirts and pregnancy is no different.  Lush T-shirts offer a great range of slogan t-shirts, which you can view here and with over 800 designs to choose from I was spoilt for choice.  Whilst I was focused on the ladies designs, I did have a little look at the men section for my other half and was pleased to see a great selection here too

One of the things I loved about Lush T-shirts is that each design is hand printed in the UK and if you do spend over £50 you get free delivery.  I chose a slogan perfect for me

The slogan sums up my usual working day, and one which I love.  Once I had selected my slogan I then had to choose the colour and size.  All designs are available in 5 sizes, Small (8) up to XXL (16-18) and up to 5 colours.  I chose my pre pregnancy size and also selected a light blue, as my blog has a blue theme.

My t-shirt arrived and it looked great.  I could not wait to wear it to my next blog event.  I was pleased to know that my t-shirt was 100% cotton and it stretched!  It fitted really well and was able to cover up all of my bump.  This was great as it is a fitted t-shirt, but it had a good length so I had no bump left showing.

After each time wearing the t-shirt from Lush I am pleased to see that it has returned to its original shape.  This gives me confidence of the longevity of the t-shirt for both during and after pregnancy.  

I have been impressed with the fit and quality of my Lush t-shirt.  I have actually started looking at their Christmas range and will be taken advantage of the code 4for3 to get 4 for the price of 3!

With thanks to Lush T-Shirt for sending me this to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. That is a fab t-shirt! I'm off to have a look at the site now :D

  2. The T-shirt looks fab! :)


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