Reduce and Reuse

My daughters were watching a cartoon yesterday morning, am not sure which one, and in it they were talking about rubbish and recycling.  The cartoon went on to discuss the environmental impact and what waste we can and cannot recycle.  I listened as they watched and whilst I agreed with the principal of the cartoon was a little shocked when the cartoon character was told to wash all egg shells so they can be reused.  

At home we have a compost bin so any household waste like this goes into it.  The girls even ask before they put something in the bin which bin to put it in.  We recycle plastic, card, paper, metals and garden waste in our council bins.  For us very little actually goes into our household rubbish.  The girls take great pride in helping me sort the recycling.

As a family we love looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint, help the environment and save money.  We had solar panels installed and are looking into other methods to implement next year.  4imprint has a range of reusable and recycled products that could help you and your friends reduce your carbon footprint and have even put together an info graphic highlighting various methods.

A great way to save money and reduce carbon footprint is to unplug charges and turn items off instead of standby.  I also use Power banks, which I charge and then use to charge my own devices, they are perfect for travelling.

What ways do you help reduce your carbon footprint or environmental impact?

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