Lighting Tips For Your Children's Rooms

When designing a child bedroom we often think carefully about every aspect of the room except from the lighting.  The placement of the bed, furniture and other items are all usually carefully thought out and planned.  Along with the soft furnishings.

We seem to spend ages making sure items co-ordinate and sometimes even that the room has a theme.  The light in the room should have as much consideration.  One of my children suffers to sleep if it is too light and the other if it is too dark.  There is therefore a balancing act to be had.

Natural light

During the day it is wonderful to have as much natural light in a child's bedroom as possible.  Some Children tend to spend a large proportion of their time in their bedrooms, and allowing natural light to filter in through the windows can often reduce the need to turn on lights and give children the chance to play in sunlight.

At night however blackout blinds can be an essential item for those children who wake easily with the light.  Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles so there is something to suit all tastes and interior design styles.


It goes without saying that safety should be a high priority for lighting in a child’s bedroom. Standard and halogen light bulbs will give you a bright light during the darker hours, but, they are better kept as the primary lighting source, rather than lamps. They get scorching hot, and, as everyone knows, kids tend to be attracted to bright lights and want to touch them. Instead, try some LED bulbs that give off very little heat, and are safer if touched. 

Fear of the dark

Some children don’t like the dark, and those fears are usually formed at an early stage.  For children who are afraid of the dark invest in some night lights that will give off a soft and warm glow and help them relax, rather than dazzle them and keep them awake. There are plenty of great designs out there, so take a look around your favourite home-ware shop for some inspiration.  You can even find them in the shape of their favourite characters.  Most do not give off heat and some can even be taken into bed with them.


I love spotlights anywhere in the home, and they are great for kids bedrooms, too. They can highlight any feature of the room that your child likes - so they can always see their favourite toys, for example.

Desk lights

Finally, as your child gets older, they will start to read books while they are in bed. It’s important for them to be able to see properly, without dazzling themselves at the same time. Try getting a small desk light for them, and putting it either next to their bed, or clipping it on the frame. It will give them enough light to read, and stop them from straining to see the words and pictures.

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