Mo run and a night with the girls

The Mo Run 5K was the final race I had booked in my diary before Thing 3 arrives.  I woke up feeling rather sad knowing it was my last race, although I was hoping it was not my last run.  It was a wet and windy morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go out.

I collected my race number and tag and waited in the car where it was dry and warm!

I met up with a friend and fellow Mo Sista on the very muddy start line.  After deciding against taking part in the warm up which involved squats and jumping, not the best idea when pregnant, the race started.

The route was very muddy and very slippy, I decided against running as falling when pregnant is never a good idea.  Instead took it steady and had a lovely walk with a fantastic Irish man who was also walking the course.  The advantage of taking it steady was I could take some pictures on the way round.

I finished the Mo Run in 53 minutes and whilst not fast, did not come last and I finished the course.  I didn't do it for a time and know after Thing 3 arrives I will be able to do it faster.

That evening was a night out for me and the girls.  The girls were excited as I told them we would be going to wresting, or to see Pants man as the girls call it.  After a stressful 1hr and 48mins queueing to get into the car park, we made it just in time for the first match.  The girls were excited it was a tables match.  

The Dudley Boyz wrestled in the open match and are famous for table matches.  I was excited to be watching the Dudley boyz!  They did not disappoint and the girls loved it. 

The girls had smiles on their faces all the way through, and kept shouting tables all the way through.  They even started joining in with some of the chants with their favourite continuing at home too 'This is Awesome' and 'You look Stupid' are the two most frequently used.

After convincing my youngest that she had to keep her trousers on and could not walk around in her pants like the wrestlers it was time to watch my eldest favourite wrestler Sheamus.  She calls him Whisker Pants man, which is brilliant but she absolutely loves him.

My favourite match of the night came on next.  I really love the Big Show.  I have so much admiration for him and love his facial expressions.  No matter what the crowd chant I do NOT want him to retire.

It all started to become a little too much for my youngest who started getting very tired.  As I am unable to pick the girls up at the moment I made the decision to leave part way through the final match before she fell into a deep sleep on the chair.

I had a lovely evening with my girls and they both loved watching WWE live.  They have asked when they can go again, although they still call it Pants Man!

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